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Rowenta Focus 3050W Iron


  • Very powerful!
  • Plenty of functions
  • Relatively heavy, but glides smoothly
Our Rating: 5 / 5

If you’re looking for a powerful, stylish iron that helps you to finish ironing as quickly as possible then the Rowenta Focus 3050W iron is definitely a good choice. The box of the Focus 3050W claims that it’s the most powerful model for sale in the UK (compared to irons by other leading brands), which is a bold claim, but not one that we’d argue with!

We’ve tested out the iron over the last few weeks and are very impressed. There are a few minor complaints, which we’ll come onto later, but overall it’s an iron we highly recommend.

Rowenta Focus 3050W Iron Specifications

Let’s start with the technical specs. This is where the 3050W model really excels, as it provides more power than any other iron on the market at the moment.

  • This model of the Rowenta Focus has 3050W of power, which the company claims is the highest of any leading brand. In practice, this means that the iron is able to tackle difficult creases much more effectively.
  • It also has a high steam output system that’s capable of a shot of up to 130g/min. You can adjust the iron to let out a continuous stream of up to 45g/min, or turn off automatic steam altogether to save water.
  • The “precision” tip is designed to make ironing between shirt buttons and around collars much easier.
  • Other features include controls that are easy to use, stainless steel soleplate, anti scale system, 300ml water tank and a relatively long 2.4m cord.

What We Thought

First Impressions:

When you first switch on the iron and fill it with water there’s a useful traffic light system to tell you when it’s heated up. Unfortunately the light isn’t that bright, so you may have to tilt the iron to see it, although this is only a minor problem. The heat up time is what you’d expect from a top of the range iron.

There are a large number of different options on the Rowenta Focus 3050W, which can be daunting at first. Luckily, the iron comes with some clear instructions on how to use the various functions. The dial for different fabrics, which is located under the handle, is easy to use, although the writing can be difficult to read. Being able to quickly select settings for a certain type of clothing is a great idea and a feature we used a lot.

The "Precision" tip in action


When using the Rowenta Focus 3050W the extra power is immediately noticeable. Ironing is much quicker than with cheaper and less powerful irons, especially if you put the steam output up to 45g/min. This, of course, depletes the water reservoir relatively quickly, but is worth it for how easy it makes ironing even difficult clothes.

We did a few unscientific tests and most creases were ironed out in a single go. Stubborn creases just needed an extra shot of steam. Ironing difficult-to-reach places, such as between buttons on shirts, is also easy with the iron’s “precision” tip.

Looks And Appearance:

Looks and appearance aren’t something we often talk about in iron reviews, but it has to be said that the Rowenta Focus 3050W is an attractive model. Its sleek, curved design makes it look professional but not boring, and the subtle brown colour scheme avoids the tacky feel of other irons. The construction of the iron appears solid, giving the impression that it’ll last a long time, although this isn’t something we could test over a short period of a few weeks. The various buttons, dials and knobs all work smoothly, however, and there don’t appear to be any obvious weaknesses.


The main complaint we had with the Rowenta Focus 3050W is its weight. If you’re used to a smaller iron then it can be quite a surprise when you first pick up the Focus. According to the technical specifications the boxed weight is around 6kg, although the iron is obviously less without any packaging. This might not sound like much, but if you use the iron for a long period of time you may start to feel it in the wrist! It does, however, have a “comfort” handle, to make holding the iron for long periods more comfortable.

This is a minor point though, as the time saved by the Rowenta Focus 3050W offsets the added weight. We found ourselves becoming quickly accustomed to the weight too, so this certainly isn’t a reason not to buy it. Not to mention that the extra weight of the iron helps it to glide over clothing more smoothly.

Final Comments:

The price of the Rowenta Focus 3050W is relatively high, but not excessively so. As you can probably tell by this review, at IronReview.co.uk we were very impressed by the iron, and would definitely recommend it.

Our rating: 5 out of 5!

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