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Breville TECHnique VIN158

The Breville TECHnique VIN158 is a futuristic steam iron with a large water tank and powerful steam output. It comes with features such as an automatic safety shut off and a three metre power cord. The next section discusses the main features of the Breville TECHnique VIN158 digital steam iron, before talking about comments in Breville TECHnique VIN158 reviews.

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Breville TECHnique VIN158 Specs

  • The Breville TECHnique VIN158 digital steam iron has a unique, almost futuristic design that certainly makes it stand out from the crowd. The design isn’t just for fun though, as it features an advanced digital screen along with a soft and comfortable handle. The blue illumination really adds to the design.
  • The Breville TECHnique VIN158 steam iron is a powerful model, boasting 2400W power. It’s capable of a continuous stream of 45g per min which can be boosted up to 100g per minute when required. It’s also capable of vertical steam for hanging curtains etc.
  • Like other advanced irons, the Breville TECHnique VIN158 steam iron has a “Steam Tip” function for when a short burst of steam is required for difficult to reach areas.
  • The large 400ml tank is perfect for those who need to iron lots of clothes in one go without needing to refill the tank. The Breville TECHnique VIN158 also comes with a three metre cord.
  • Other features include an anti scale function to prevent limescale from harming the iron and an automatic safety shut off. The latter feature automatically turns off the iron after ten minutes when standing upright and after thirty seconds if it’s horizontal.

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Breville TECHnique VIN158 Reviews

People who’ve bought and reviewed the Breville TECHnique VIN158 digital steam iron are generally very happy with their purchase. Although the iron is not one of the cheapest on the market, the fact that it’s digital and includes a large number of useful features means that many people think it’s worth the money. Some positives in reviews include that all the buttons appear to be in the right places, it has a long extension cord and it glides easily.

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