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Russell Hobbs 15207 SteamGlide Iron

The Russell Hobbs 15207 Steamglide iron is a budget product, yet still comes with a number of different features. These include a non stick sole plate, a 280ml water reservoir and a self clean system. Although Russell Hobbs 15207 reviews are not all positive, there are some good points about the product.

Russell Hobbs 15207 White and Purple Steamglide 2200 W Iron Russell Hobbs 15207 White and Purple Steamglide 2200 W Iron
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Russell Hobbs 15207 Features

  • It’s important for any iron to glide smoothly over clothing, and the Russell Hobbs 15207 achieves this via a non stick soleplate.
  • For extra flexibility when ironing a long cord is essential. The Russell Hobbs 15207 steamglide iron comes with a two metre power cord. This is long enough for most people, although other irons do have longer cables than this.
  • The Russell Hobbs 15207 purple and white iron is an attractive product that definitely stands out compared to other irons. The colour scheme may be a little bold for some, however, as it’s relatively bright compared to other products.
  • The iron has a variety of steam and temperature settings. It boasts 2200W of power and has a 35g per minute output. This is almost tripled when using a shot of steam. Another feature is the vertical steam function that’s great for getting rid of creases and wrinkles from hanging objects.
  • Other features include a 280ml water tank, anti drip system and a self clean system. The guard for the cord also allows the iron to swivel 360 degrees for extra convenience while ironing.
Russell Hobbs Steam glide Iron 2200w 15207
Russell Hobbs Steam glide Iron 2200w 15207
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Russell Hobbs 15207 Reviews

It’s fair to say that the reviews of the Russell Hobbs 15207 SteamGlide iron are mixed. It’s important to keep in mind that the product is significantly cheaper than many of its rivals, so it would be unfair to expect the same level of quality. Even so, there are some problems with the iron according to reviewers.

Some of the good points about the Russell Hobbs 15207 iron include that it has a large reservoir for water, a large amount of power and several useful functions such as the self clean. Bad points include that the steam function is said by some reviewers to be poor and that it doesn’t get hot enough to iron all clothes. If you’re looking for a cheap iron then the Russell Hobbs 15207 may be worth looking at, but according to reviews there are certainly better options on the market.

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  1. Alibi says:

    This iron is dangerous. Within a short time of getting the iron, the cable becomes kinked and the inner cabling protrudes through the cloth covering. The inner insulation then wears away exposing the live cable. I am going to have to re-cable mine and even then it’s tricky as the screw holding the end plate on is some sort of special head to make it difficult to removed. If I still had the receipt I would take it back to Comet. The iron itself is reasonable but the cable is just lethal plain and simple. Should be the subject of an urgent manufacturer’s recall.

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