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Philips Azur GC4850/02 Steam Iron

The Philips Azur GC4850/02 is probably one of the most popular irons on the market at the moment. It is a powerful model, with a power rating of 2600W, and is capable of a steam boost of up to 170 g/min. Other features include a steam tip and double calc system to prevent limescale build up. In this Philips Azur GC4850/02 iron review we’ll talk in depth about the features of the iron along with what reviewers have been saying about it.

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Philips Azur GC4850/02 Features

  • There’s nothing more frustrating than a stubborn crease that you just can’t get out. With its 2600W of power and a continuous steam output of 50g/min, most creases are easily ironed out. For the most stubborn the Philips Azur GC4850/02 comes with a steam boost.
  • As with most modern irons the Philips Azur GC4850/02 steam iron comes with a steam tip. This allows you to get into difficult to reach areas, such as the creases around buttons on a shirt.
  • Limescale is a real problem for irons, which is why the Philips Azur GC4850/02 has a double active calc system. This stops limescale building up, which ultimately increases the durability and lifespan of the iron.
  • Other features include a stop drip system, to prevent delicate clothing being ruined by water drops, and an attractive pale blue design. The cord of the Philips Azur GC4850/02 iron is also 2.5m long and comes with a large tank so you won’t need to refill it as much as other irons.

Philips Azur GC4850/02 Iron Reviews

The majority of Philips Azur GC4850/02 steam iron reviews are very positive about the product. Some of the good comments include that its quick to heat up and provides a large amount of steam. Other reviewers mention that the iron doesn’t feel heavy, something that’s important if you need to do a large amount of ironing, and is also well balanced. Overall, the Philips Azur GC4850/02 steam iron in pale blue is an attractive, well featured iron that is very reasonably priced.

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