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Russell Hobbs 15002 Digital Advantage Iron

If you’re looking for a budget iron that’s also attractive to look at then the Russell Hobbs 15002 may be the perfect choice for you. It has 2400W of power, a long power cord and a stainless steel soleplate for extra durability. The reviews of the Russell Hobbs 15002 Digital Advantage iron (in white and red) have mainly been positive about the product.

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Russell Hobbs 15002 Features

  • One of the standout features of the Russell Hobbs 15002 is the easy to use temperature dial. This is situated on the handle, making it straightforward to select how hot you want the iron to be.
  • The Russell Hobbs 15002 Digital iron also has as stainless steel soleplate. As with other irons with this design, the soleplate increases the durability of the iron and makes it easier to move over most types of clothing.
  • The iron has a steam tip for accessing those difficult to reach areas. While most irons have this feature now, it’s still an important function to have.
  • To increase the durability of the iron the Russell Hobbs 15002 has an anti scale function.
  • Other features include a long 3m power cord, 250ml tank and a power of 2400W. It also (according to the manufacturer) includes cord storage, a heel that prevents slip and a protection system to prevent overheating.

Russell Hobbs 15002 Reviews

Not many people have left online reviews of the Russell Hobbs 15002, but those who have are mainly complimentary about the product. In fact, one user claims that it’s the “best iron I’ve ever owned”. Good points about the Russell Hobbs 15002 include that it’s easy to use, quick to iron and has a high steam power. The negative points include that it feels relatively cheap and the cord storage isn’t as useful as it should be.

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