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Philips GC2910/02 Powerlife Iron

The Philips GC2910/02 PowerLife steam iron – 2000W – is a small, attractive budget model that still packs a punch. It comes with 2000W of power, continuous steam of up to 30 grams per minute and a steam boost function. The soleplate is also designed to glide easily over a variety of different types of material. Keep reading to find out more about the Philips GC2910/02 along with information from Philips GC2910/02 reviews.

Philips GC2910/02 PowerLife Steam Iron, 2000 Watt - Blue Philips GC2910/02 PowerLife Steam Iron, 2000 Watt - Blue
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Philips GC2910/02 Features

  • The Philips GC2910/02 is a powerful 2000W iron that’s capable of a high level of performance and a constant steam output.
  • The continuous steam features of 30 grams per minute isn’t as high as other, more expensive, options, but still enough for most creases.
  • If there’s a stubborn crease in clothing that just won’t come out with regular steaming then the Philips GC2910/02 has a steam boost that’s capable of an output of 90 grams per minute.
  • The SteamGlide soleplate is designed, unsurprisingly, to glide over any fabric you use it on.
  • Other features include a calc clean system, drop stop function and a relatively cheap price tag compared to other similar irons
  • The Philips GC2910/02 is designed to be comfortable to use, and comes with a 2 metre cord and 360 degree freedom. It is also fast to heat up and you can use it with tap water.

Philips GC2910/02 Reviews

There aren’t many reviews of the Philips GC2910/02 steam iron online, but the one that we found is very happy with the product. Some of the reviewers comments include that the iron is easy to use, smooth when gliding over clothing and has a long cable (although there are some cords which reach over 3m on different models). The reviewer didn’t mention any downsides of the Philips GC2910/02 iron which is encouraging.

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